Can I Fix My Torque Wrench?

In your line of work, a torque wrench is essential for operations. Without torque wrench service and repairs, your business loses money and potentially clients. Fortunately, DC/electric and air/pneumatic torque wrenches can be fixed in some instances, saving you on the purchase of a new tool.

What Do I Do When My Torque Wrench is Broken?

If your torque wrench is not functioning properly or has outright broken apart, it could be time to get a repair or a replacement. But how do you know which one to go with when this happens to you? Start with the basics of understanding if your torque wrench can be fixed.
You might have a special type of torque wrench, such as an electric or DC torque wrench, that is not operating as you expected. Another common type of torque wrench that we service and repair is the air or pneumatic torque wrench.
Fixing your torque wrench in a timely manner ensures that you avoid defects that could hamper the safety and reliability of the tool. Calibration is a common problem with these torque wrenches. Find out whether the torque wrench is acting up or needs repair by sending it to a repair shop.

Pros and Cons of Sending Torque Wrench in for Repair

The primary reason you want to send a torque wrench into a shop would be to save money on a new tool. If you can spend a fraction of the amount of money it would cost to replace a tool by simply repairing it, the price is worth every penny.
On the other hand, if the repairs are too expensive to cover the cost of the tool, it is best to buy a replacement torque wrench. Here is where you want to evaluate these costs:

  • Amount originally spent on the torque wrench
  • Cost for a new torque wrench
  • Total price for repairs:
    • Cost for actual torque wrench repairs
    • Cost for down time/not in production
  • Shipping or transportation costs for torque wrench to shop

Calculate these costs to determine how effective it would be for your bottom line if you send the torque wrench in for repair. Ultimately, if you anticipate spending more on the repairs, then a new torque wrench is your best bet.

Can You Repair Tools on Your Own?

Yes, you can make some minor repairs on tools that you own. However, you have to consider the materials and fabrication that goes into the tool you intend on repairing. For some torque wrenches and repairs, the repairs are too in-depth. Such repairs require more metalworking experience than the average mechanic or shop worker would have in this area.

How to Prevent Breaking Torque Wrench in the Future

So to not break torque wrenches, follow weight limits for use and do not overstrain the tool. Store your torque wrench in the correct manner lengthwise in a safe and secure toolbox. This is especially important when working with torque wrenches that have laser beam attachments.
At the first sign of wear and tear, conduct proper maintenance of your torque wrench. Start by identifying what is causing signs of wear, so you can avoid this issue. This will keep you from stressing the tool in the wrong way, which could cause the torque wrench to break.

Choose Torque Wrench Repairs Today

For times when torque wrench repairs are needed—and promptly—let us help. Contact Encore Systems to request DC torque tool repair, air/torque tool repair, DC torque tool cable repair, and other similar services.

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