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It’s no secret that Encore Systems engineers are the best in the industry. We are one of the few companies that specialize in performing on-site ISO 17025-accredited torque calibration and validation services, and have been doing so for over two decades. Read on to learn more about our 17025-accredited calibration services, or contact us today to get started with an estimate.
ISO/IEC 17025 Certified

What Is an ISO 17025 Accreditation?

Issued in 1999, the (ISO) created requirements for ensuring the competence of calibration and testing laboratories. Now recognized as the ISO 17025 accreditation, this standard must be met by facilities that provide calibration and testing services. Without an accreditation, facilities won’t be considered technically competent by ISO.

Why This Accreditation Matters

ISO 17025 is a globally recognized accreditation that sets the standard for testing and calibration facilities. It specifies technical competence, impartiality, and consistent operation requirements to ensure accurate and reliable results. 

An ISO 17025 accreditation is important because it demonstrates that a facility has been evaluated by a third-party organization and found to meet these standards. 

Working with an ISO 17025-accredited facility ensures you’ll receive:

  • Accurate & Precise Calibration & Testing
  • Quality Assurance of Calibration Data
  • Traceability of Calibrations to International Standards

Facilities that are not ISO-accredited risk being rejected by regulatory authorities overseeing testing and calibration results, so it’s highly recommended that you work with an accredited facility to ensure the validity and reliability of your test results.

Our ISO 17025-Accredited Torque Calibration Services

As an ISO 17025-accredited organization, we ensure your tools are tested, repaired, and returned with quantitative and qualitative documentation that complies with ISO standards. Reports provide information that include but are not limited to: causes of failure; analysis of failures; and recommended corrective actions.

Our Capabilities

Our laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge testing equipment that was designed to accommodate tools used by manufacturing and assembly plants. We also have proprietary simulators that support on-site calibrations so that you do not need to remove tools or other equipment from production lines. Additionally, our software tracking system permanently stores incoming calibration alarms and numerical data.

Our Calibration Process

When calibrating, we use a precision indicator and transducer that can be traced to SI units via the NIST. Once we complete our services, you’ll receive the information you need to prepare for any future audits and ensure compliance with associated regulatory bodies.

Customers We Work With

Although Encore Systems is based in Brookville, OH, we have developed an outstanding reputation as a global leader in ISO 17025-accredited torque calibrations. Some of our well-known customers include: This list is not exhaustive. View our customer portfolio to learn more about the many customers we’ve served over the years.

Choose Encore Systems for ISO 17025-Accredited Torque Calibrations

Over the years, we have acquired and retained a large, satisfied customer base that knows they can depend on us to exceed their expectations. When you choose Encore Systems for 17025-accredited calibrations, you’ll enjoy many benefits, including:
  • Quick Turnaround: While we’re known for our quick turnaround time, know that we never compromise on quality or service excellence.
  • Easy-to-Use Portal: Encore Systems offers a user-friendly communication portal that provides registered customers with a tool assessment graphical interface and email alerts.
  • Free Evaluation & Shipping: Our new customers are eligible for free evaluation and shipping services—No surprises. No hidden fees.
  • Emergency Repairs: Our professional team is available to troubleshoot and provide technical assistance.
  • Services Backed by Peace of Mind Warranties: We back every ISO 17025-accredited calibration with a full warranty.
  • Competitive Rates: We strive to offer prices that can’t be found anywhere else in the industry.

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Get reliable ISO 17025-accredited torque calibration services from Encore Systems. We go above and beyond to ensure your operations remain as seamless as possible. Contact us today at (937) 249-0712 today to learn more about our services. If you would like to request a free evaluation or service estimate, please fill out our convenient online form. We look forward to working with you!


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