ISO 17025 Calibrations

Encore has been providing ISO 17025 calibration services since 2004.

ISO 17025 not only considers management and technical expertise, but also emphasizes continual product and process improvement.

Our laboratory supports a wide range of test equipment in the manufacturing and assembly industry. Our certification supports our internal tool repair division as well as onsite torque calibration services.

Encore has developed simulators to assist with onsite calibrations that allow you to calibrate production equipment without removing it from operation. All information is entered into our software tracking system for permanent storage of statistical data and calibration alarms.

Encore Systems complies to ISO 17025 requirements and all of our Operations are ISO 9001:2015 certified and adhere to a strict set of standards designed to receive, repair, test and return your items with maximum reliability and performance. Each repair is returned with a detailed repair and test report including failure analysis, probable cause of failure and corrective actions that should be considered by your maintenance team to improve machine performance. Calibrations are accomplished using a precision transducer and indicator which is traceable to SI units through the National Institute of Standards and Technology or other NMI. Calibrations are performed using Standard Operating Procedures, the pertinent Controller and Torque Calibration Value. Customers benefit from the efficiency and productivity of tools returning to them with all the relevant data/information they require from a quality and audit standpoint.

Please Contact us to discuss your calibration requirements and/or schedule a plant visit!

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Benefits of Working with Us:

  • Speed & Turnaround

    In our industry, a quick turnaround time is key to keeping your business functioning. You can’t always plan for when your tools breakdown. We know how important it is that you don’t lose any downtime. We work for you to get your products working at top efficiency.

  • Service Exchange

    If your tool is being serviced, we can offer you an exchange. Whenever possible, and if we have the exact tool you need in stock, you’re welcome to temporarily use one of our own tools. Just another service we provide to make sure you don’t miss a minute of production.

  • Emergency Repair

    Available 24/7. We have someone on call to ensure you’re never left stranded. We believe in fully supporting our clients, even after business hours. Emergencies or not, you can trust Encore Systems to be your partner throughout every step of your operations.

  • Obsolete Tool Repair

    Since we offer component-level repair services, we’re able to repair tools that have been discontinued, or are considered to be obsolete. GSE Techmotive parts are a big part of our work with discontinued tools. Many of these tools are still in use by us today!

  • Cost

    We beat out any other major OEMs when it comes to price points. Due to our component level replacement services, we can offer almost as much as 33% less when compared to other providers. Saving you time, money and any unnecessary headaches.

  • Communication

    Our customer portal makes it easier to check in. Our graphical interface allows quick assessment of your tools and areas that need attention. We offer custom email alerts for those looking for notification of key identifiers.

  • Free Evaluations/Shipping

    We want to show you what working with us can do for your business. That’s why we offer free shipping and evaluation services to all of our new customers. No hassles, no gimmicks. Simple, free services to prove to you how much better we are than our competition.

  • Technical Help

    Call one of our engineers today to troubleshoot any issue you may be having with your tools. Our highly skilled workers are always there to offer some good advice, even if it’s not an immediate situation. We’re here to answer any technical questions that come up.

  • Warranties

    Peace of mind is an invaluable part of any business. For an additional charge, we offer full warranties for all work completed through our services, and for all tools purchased through us. We’ll make sure you’re never left uncovered.


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Encore provides fast and cost effective repairs for most manufacturers of DC and air tools.