What You Need to Know About Torquing

colored illustration that showcases positive and negative torque, as well as the formula for calculating torque

When somebody pushes a shovel into the ground to dig a hole, that person is exerting linear forces on the shovel by forcing the shovel in one direction. Similar to the physics behind linear forces, torquing exerts forces on an object that cause it to spin or rotate instead of moving in a straight line. […]


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The Longevity of DC Motor Controllers

dc motor controller

DC motor controllers have been around for a long time, and many industries continue to rely on them, despite their old design. In this article, we highlight what these controllers are, their many types, and why manufacturers still use them. What Are DC Motor Controllers? A DC controller can manipulate the torque, speed, or position […]

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What Type of Electric Nutrunner Do You Need?

electric nutrunner

Selecting the Right Electric Nutrunner Using the right electric nutrunner is essential for eliminating errors, increasing precision, and providing assembly flexibility when needed. When selecting electric nutrunners, you should be aware of two critical parameters: angle and torque. With many electric nutrunner options available, it may be difficult to figure out which tool best addresses […]


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What Is a DC Nutrunner?

Are you looking for a way to improve your operations and processes? If so, you may want to use a DC nutrunner to help you. What is a DC nutrunner, and how can it expedite your procedures? Keep reading to learn more about this special tool. The Purpose of a DC Nutrunner A DC nutrunner […]

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Electronic Tool Repair

If you are looking for help with electronic tool repair, we are here to help you. At Encore Systems, we have a tremendous amount of experience that we can use to help you with all of your electronic tool needs. Regardless of whether you need help with a DC controller or a different type of […]

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Advantages of DC Tool Repair

DC nut runners, torque cables, air tools and accessories are just a few of the DC tools you need to maintain. Any downtime due to poorly functioning DC tools is a financial burden to your business. Keep your DC tools repaired and maintained with Encore Systems and professional DC tool repair. Do you Need Tool […]

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Nut Runner Tool vs Impact Wrench

Nut runners and impact wrenches are two types of tools have different uses depending what you need them for. Read on to see the various applications you would use them for. What is a Nut Runner Tool Used For? This tool is also known as a pneumatic torch wrench. A nut runner is used when […]

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