Atlas Copco DC Controller model D312-DS9

Atlas Copco’s D312-DS9 is an advanced drive controller designed for use with the Tensor DS9 electric nutrunners. It programmatically adjusts and monitors the torque output of the DS9 nutrunners, ensuring that each fastening operation meets specific torque requirements and is ideal for multi-torque applications.

Primary Features

  • Compact Design: The D312 is perfectly sized for integration into different setups without compromising functionality.
  • Easy Programming & Better Data Traceability: The D312 controller works with Atlas Copco’s proprietary ToolsTalk server-based software. This software was designed for quick and easy line configuration data traceability.
  • Intuitive Display Lights: The drive controller displays a green light to indicate correct torque/OK tightening, while yellow lights indicate low torque and red lights indicate high torque.
  • User-Friendly Keypads: The keypads are easy to navigate. The + torque button allows operators to raise the final target by one increment (0.1 or 1), and the – torque button lowers the final target by one increment (0.1 or 1).
  • Application Flexibility: The D312 drive controller features up to 10 parameter sets and features up to 12 I/O’s.
  • Torque Tuning: This drive features Torque Tuning, which allows operators to easily adjust reference system torque values from the keypad or the ToolsTalk software.
  • Lock-On Reject: To reduce the amount of unnoticed faulty tightenings, the Lock-On Reject feature locks the drive on rejected tightenings so the tool will not run.
  • Counter Clockwise Tightening Direction: This drive controller can be used on left hand-threaded fasteners.

Ideal Applications

The D312-DS9 excels in settings where exact control and repeatability are crucial. Its design and capabilities make it ideal for multi-torque assembly processes where space is limited, but performance is critical.


  • Manufacturer: Atlas Copco
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12 × 7 × 16 in.
  • Compatibility: DS9 Series
  • Voltage Level: 100-240VAC
  • Wattage: 300W

Manufacturer Excellence

The D312-DS9 was originally manufactured by Atlas Copco, a brand known for quality and innovation, which is reflected in the reliability of this drive controller. Like the D312, Atlas Copco’s tools and equipment are designed to ensure consistent performance and durability, even in demanding industrial environments.

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