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Founded over 20 years ago, Encore Systems is an industry-leading, ISO-certified torque tool repair company and distributor of recertified Ingersoll Rand DC tools. Our inventory of recertified tools includes fixtured angle nutrunners, pistols, impact drivers, and more.

We proudly ship recertified equipment and offer other value-added services to manufacturers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Read on to learn more about how our team at Encore can help you, or visit our online store today to browse our available recertified torque tools.
An Ingersoll Rand DEF15NFTE404 DC nutrunner

Standard & Emergency Repairs

We know how vital your Ingersoll Rand tools are—if just one tool goes offline, it can impact your entire production process. That’s why Encore Systems offers both standard and emergency repairs and quick turnaround times. Most emergency repairs can be completed between one to three business days but will vary based on part availability. We also provide a convenient service exchange program to help you reduce downtime. While our team services your tool, we can loan you the same one. If we don’t have the same Ingersoll Rand tool in stock, we can lend you a similar one that will still meet your needs. If you’re experiencing an emergency, please call our emergency hotline at (937) 249-0712.

Our Repair Process

Both our standard and repair processes follow the same steps, which include:
  1. Free Part Evaluation: We always provide free tool evaluations. All tools are disassembled and inspected in a controlled, contaminant-free environment. Our OEM-trained technicians will identify potential causes of failure and outline these causes to you in a detailed report, which we call our Failure Analysis Report (FAR).
  2. FAR & Quote: Once we’ve disassembled and photographed your tool, we’ll send you the FAR along with a quote and estimated repair timeline.
  3. Repairs: When you approve your quote, we’ll use our proprietary database to find a technician most qualified for your specific repair. At any point, you can check the progress of your repair using our customer-accessible tracking system.
  4. Testing: After repairs are finished, we test your tool under load in our closed-loop system to ensure it meets OEM specifications and performance requirements. Then, our quality assurance team will perform one final inspection before we ship your newly repaired component.
  5. Free Shipping: We’ll then ship your component with a detailed report that includes components we repaired or replaced, the probable cause(s) of failure, test duration and results, and recommended maintenance.
Emergency Repair Service

ISO 17025 Torque Calibration & Validation

Every plant facility needs a robust maintenance plan that includes annual torque calibrations. Encore Systems can help you carry out your maintenance plan with our ISO 17025-accredited torque calibration and validation services. Working with an ISO 17025-certified provider ensures accuracy, precision, and traceability of calibration data which is compliant to all audit standards.

Time-Saving Tool Management

If you need solutions on how to better manage your Ingersoll Rand power tools, consider implementing our proprietary QME tool management system. Our system allows you to track any data related to your tools, including dates and details of repairs and calibrations, and keep track of when preventive maintenance is due.
Tool Management Service

List of Tools We Service

Encore Systems services new, discontinued, and obsolete Ingersoll Rand DC/electric tools, including:
  • Versatec Low-Voltage Electric Screwdrivers
  • ES Series Electric Screwdrivers
  • EP Series Electric Screwdrivers
  • Q Series Standard Pulse Tool (Pistol, Angle, & Inline)
  • IQV20 Series™ Cordless Impact Wrench
  • QX Series™ Cordless Torque Multiplier
  • QE Fixtured Inline Wrenches
  • D Series DC Inline Nutrunner
  • INSIGHTqcx™ MTC DC Controllers
  • Cables & Accessories
Please note that this list is not exhaustive. If you don’t see your model listed in here, contact us today.

Why Encore Is a Name You Can Trust

Over the past two decades, Encore Systems has been trusted by many companies. Our exceptional reputation for customer success is due to our commitment to the following:
  • Providing Quick Turnaround Times
  • Reducing Downtime With Our Service Exchange Program
  • Maintaining Stringent Quality Standards
  • Providing Free, Thorough Evaluations
  • Offering Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Offering Peace-of-Mind Warranties
  • Maintaining Exceptional Communication Through Our Customer Portal
  • Offering Ongoing Technical Support When Needed

Work With Encore Systems Today!

Whether you want to purchase a recertified Ingersoll Rand DC tool or need one of your own serviced, Encore Systems is ready to help. You can browse our inventory to view our available products or contact us today to request a free tool evaluation.

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