DC Torque Tool Repairs

We repair all sizes of DC Torque Tools. Our electronic tool repair services are a fraction of the cost when compared to other providers.

DC Torque Tool Repairs

Encore Systems is a leading provider of prompt and professional DC torque tool repairs, including DC controller repairs, in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We are accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) and employ certified technicians to perform all repairs, calibrations, and verifications. Our deployment of cutting-edge technology has earned our company a stellar reputation for consistently exceeding customer expectations. Read on to learn more about our torque tool repair services, or contact Encore Systems today to request a FREE evaluation and quote.

Comprehensive Electronic Tool Repair Services

At Encore Systems, all tools that we repair are guaranteed to look and function like new. We’re proud to employ a team of highly skilled and trained torque tool repair technicians. From obsolete tool repairs to thorough gearing inspections, our top priority is helping you reduce downtime.

Obsolete Tool Repair

We offer component-level repair services on discontinued or obsolete tools. GSE Techmotive parts represent a large part of our work with discontinued tools. In fact, many of these tools are still in use by Encore Systems today.

Completed Disassemble

Available for all types of torque tools, this service includes accredited calibration techniques that are further supported by competence testing standards.

Certified Equipment Inspection

Gearing Inspection

Test the quality of your gears with help from Encore Systems. We offer thorough inspections, and will help you analyze the overall performance, accuracy, and quality of your gears.

Component Level Inspection

Although industry experts recommend torque tools should be maintained or replaced after exceeding 100,000 cycles, many high-quality tools continue working for many years. Our component level inspection service can help keep older or obsolete torque tools functioning so that you can delay purchasing newer tools.

Preventive Maintenance

During preventive maintenance checks of torque tools, our technicians inspect, calibrate, and test tools for even the smallest indications of damage.

Torque Validation

Torque validation not only supports product quality and reliability, but also facilitates compliance.

Signs You Need Torque Tool Repairs

If you’ve noticed any of the following signs, request torque tool repairs today:
  • Odd Noises in Gearbox
  • Noticeable Wear & Tear on Tool’s Reaction Arm
  • Hissing Noises (Pneumatic Torque Wrenches)
  • Scorched or Burning Odors
  • Unstable, Loose, or Ill-Fitting Components
Additionally, if a tool just doesn’t feel like it is working normally, it probably isn’t! Trust your intuition, and call us today!

Brands We Repair

Encore Systems provides DC controller repairs and torque tool repairs for nearly all brands, including Stanley, Cooper, Atlas Copco, and Ingersoll Rand. Click here to learn more.

Why Work With Encore Systems?

  • Speed & Turnaround: In our industry, a quick turnaround time is just one key to keeping your business functioning. We work for you and with you to get your products working at top efficiency.
  • Service Exchange: If your tool is being serviced, we can offer you an exchange. If we have the exact tool you need in stock, you’re welcome to temporarily use one of our own tools.
  • Emergency Repair: We believe in fully supporting our clients, even after business hours. You can trust Encore Systems for reliable emergency repairs.
  • Cost: We consistently beat most OEMs when it comes to price points. Due to our component level replacement services, we can offer as much as 33% less when compared to other providers. We are dedicated to saving you time, money, and any unnecessary headaches.
  • Communication: Our customer portal makes it easier to check your account and perform quick assessments of your tools. We also offer custom email alerts for those looking for notifications of key identifiers.
  • Free Evaluations & Shipping: We offer free shipping and evaluation services to all of our new customers–no hassles and no gimmicks.
  • Technical Help: Our highly skilled technicians are always available to offer knowledgeable advice, even if it’s not an emergency situation. We’re here to answer complex technical questions.
  • Warranties: For a minimal charge, we offer full warranties on our services and products.

Schedule Torque Tool Repairs Today

Encore Systems is one of the leading providers of torque tool and DC controller repairs in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and the UK. A few of our well-known customers include Dana, John Deere, Toyota, Honda, and dozens more. Call us at (937) 249-0712 to schedule torque tool repairs, or fill out our online form today to request a free evaluation.

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