Nut runners and impact wrenches are two types of tools have different uses depending what you need them for. Read on to see the various applications you would use them for.

What is a Nut Runner Tool Used For?

This tool is also known as a pneumatic torch wrench. A nut runner is used when the tightness of screws or bolts is important. The person using the tool can measure the torque that is applied to the fastener so that it matches what is needed in a particular circumstance. It is also very useful for bolting.
The vibration level is low, and it is also accurate when it is repeated. The torque in the nut runner is controlled with a reaction arm and a gearbox. This requires a reaction contact like a strong metallic surface or a nut.

What is an Impact Wrench Used For?

An impact wrench is a socket wrench tool used to deliver a high-torque output with minimal exertion from the user. The energy is stored in the rotating mass and then it accelerates because of the motor. It transfers to the output shaft and the impact is high torque.
There is a minimum low torque needed to run the impact wrench. It is useful when there is not accuracy needed for the bolting. Its main use is to dismantle bolts.

Benefits of Using a Nut Runner

One of the primary benefits of using a nut runner is that it helps to prevent fatigue. It also is useful when you need to have repeatability in a task. The low weight of the device also helps to prevent fatigue.
They are commonly used in heavy construction industries like mining, steel, power generation, railroad and manufacturing. A good tool will be able to have about a 5 percent accuracy and a 2 percent repeatability. Factors like tool quality, air quality, and calibration all impact the way the tool performs.

Benefits of Using an Impact Wrench

The main advantage when using an impact wrench is that it can be used to drive in multiple fasteners quickly. The tool adds force which saves stress and fatigue from the hands and arms. Because of this, it can give you more time that you can work on the project. Its short pulsing motion removes or tightens the fasteners in a more controlled way.
This tool handles larger sized nuts, bolts, and screws better than other drills. It is also used for large fasteners and long screws and its engineering helps with these parts. When using a lot of large screws or bolts, an impact driver is a tool you need. It also delivers about two to three times as much torque as a normal drill which means the job gets done quicker.

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