At Encore Systems, we know how critical power tools are to industrial manufacturers. Production managers and facility maintenance managers can save time and costs when they partner with a turn-key power tool repair service that are experts in pneumatic and electric power tools.
We can not only calibrate or repair your industrial air tools and electric tools, but we also calibrate and repair the electronic controls and cables that support these operations.

Advantages of Air Tools

Air tools (pneumatic tools) powered by compressed air will deliver the powerful punch needed for tools like jackhammers, riveting guns, and grinders. The amount of force can easily be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the air pressure.
And for machine shops, auto shops, and small factories, air tools will typically cost more upfront, but have lower back-end costs due to maintenance or repairs. When compared to electric tools, air tools have a higher power-to-weight ratio, meaning a lighter and smaller air tool can accomplish the same tasks as more powerful electric tools.

Disadvantages of Air Tools

The main disadvantage of air tools is that they require airlines running from an air compressor for power. Air compressors can be expensive, but the costs may be justified if you can accomplish more work in less time.
Also, the need for an air compressor makes air tools less portable. Air-powered tools may not be the best choice for confined spaces, outdoor applications, and for smaller manufacturers that do not want to take on the cost of air compressor systems or the regular maintenance and oiling required to prevent air tool failures.

Advantages of Electric Tools

If you’re looking to purchase quality air tools without the investment it takes for an air compressor system, then electric power tools are a good option. These tools tap into your existing electrical outlets, or you can consider cordless power tools with a backup battery to keep operations moving.
With electric tools, you benefit from their portability, since cordless electric tools can be taken anywhere. Many companies may choose to primarily use air tools on production lines, but keep electric tools handy for work off-site or in tight spaces.
Electric tools will also be more compact and lightweight, which has contributed to fewer workplace accidents.

Disadvantages of Electric Tools

An electric tool will cost more upfront compared to an air tool with the same power and features. And, while you can take a cordless electric tool anywhere, a cordless power tool will certainly have less torque, speed, and power than an equivalent pneumatic power tool.
Also, corded electric tools have a reliance on a power outlet, making them useless in many field applications or when repairs are needed during a power outage. And, like any electrical device, electric tools have the inherent

Encore Systems has been delivering top-quality power tool repair and calibration to service providers and manufacturers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the U.K. including Toyota, Stanley, John Deere, and Dana Corp.
We also stock air tools and a large inventory of DC tools, along with DC controllers and cables. Speak with one of our customer service reps or visit Encore Systems online to discover how our Tool Management Service provides custom tool tracking for all your torque equipment, including calibration and history and calibration alarms.