Nutrunner Service & Repair

We repair all sizes and many different types of Nutrunners. Our services are a fraction of the cost when compared to the OEM’s and other service providers.

Any nutrunners repaired at Encore are guaranteed to look and function like new.

Up-time is critical and cost of downtime due to tool failure is unacceptable. We have put together a team of highly trained and skilled technicians that are focused on tool, controller and cable repairs.

We service all the major brands of tools such as Atlas Copco, Stanley, Cooper [Cleco-Apex], Ingersoll Rand as well as others. See our line card for a complete list.

Services Performed:
  • Completed Disassemble
  • Gearing Inspection
  • Component Level Inspection
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Torque Validation
  • System tests and run-offs

Encore is focused on quality, continuous improvement, and reliability. We are the most qualified and cost-effective solution for your DC Torque Tools, Controllers and Cables. We have completed over 25,000 Atlas Copco repairs. We service the whole system!

The DC Torque Tool Repair Process

  1. Begins with a complete teardown and evaluation of all tool components, followed by a thorough cleaning of old grease and lubricants.
  2. The next step in the repair is the replacement of parts and rebuilding the tool.
  3. We then proceed with a full functional system test and runoff.
  4. The tool is then calibrated to OEM Spec, ISO 17025 Compliance and backed with a warranty.
  5. We have all the necessary closed loop systems for testing and accuracy, with PMs and/or replacement parts provided for common failure components.
  6. A failure analysis report and pertinent scope of work is recorded with every repair.

Encore provides superior customer service including Expedited Services and timely turnaround times. We stock over $2M in parts inventory to support both New and Obsolete Equipment. Our staff of mechanical and electrical engineers have reverse engineered most OEM systems, making us a truly independent repair house. We have developed procedures and standardized processes for repair and calibration of assembly equipment. In-house development of our QME software has allowed us to leverage technology to keep our customers informed in real time. Send your tools in today!

Need To Replace Your Broken Tool?

We also offer certified refurbished equipment. We certify our equipment to OEM specifications. We have a complete stock of re-certified systems guaranteed to run like new. Our services can also provide loner tools, leased systems and obsolete systems. Our equipment reduces downtime and costs. We also have direct relations with some of the top OEMs in the industry. You know when you work with us, you’re getting the best possible services and the highest quality products. All of our equipment is top-of-the-line and comparable to other providers in the industry – at a fraction of the cost. Check out our inventory today!

We Service Top Brands

Save Money Using Our Repair and Calibration Services!

Encore provides fast and cost effective repairs for most manufacturers of DC and air tools.