Engineered Solutions

Encore Systems engineering solutions utilizes the latest in software and fabrication techniques available today. Our team of engineers can create complete "Turn Key" solutions or simply help you with a fixture.

If your looking for a complete 'Turn Key' torque application, we can provide expertise in torque equipment selection, part holding designs and integrated POKA-YOKE defect prevention methods.

User ergonomics are always considered in application development. Ease of use is one of the major keys to creating a successful application.


When your dealing with an obsolete part not supported by the OEM any longer, we are the perfect solution. Our engineers and highly skilled tool makers create a dynamic team that can reproduce just about any kind of part needed.


The Dimension Elite is ideal for printing intricate 3D product mockups and functional models of parts such as medical devices, mobile electronics and precision instruments.

Get your models in hours, not days. And for the most efficient throughput, you can pack multiple models in the printer's build envelope.

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