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Encore Services

ISO 17025 calibration services for DC tools,torque wrenches and transducers. Encore provides complete repair for most manufacturers of DC and air tools. Encore provides fast and cost effective repairs.
Transducer re-manufacture of all types.
Encore can provide onsite calibration/validation services for all your torque applications. Our custom designed calibration cart provides everything necessary to perform these onsite services.
Encore can provide turn key solutions for fastening application. We can also spec and design to fit into your existing tooling. We use state of the art technology such SolidWorks 2015, FDM modeling, RTV molding and CNC machining to bring designs to reality.
Encore’s custom tool tracking, web based, software provides organization for all your torque equipment, including calibration history, repair history and calibration alarms. A graphical interface allows quick assessment of current state and areas that need attention. Custom email alerts for those looking for notification of key identifiers.